Project_insert New York, NY 2008
Building on the spirit of this year’s Young Architects forum, we designed Project_insert to serve as our exhibition and as another probe to send out into the world. Project_insert invites all visitors to the Young Architects exhibit to participate in the guerilla dissemination of some of our work and ideas, by taking copies of Project_insert and literally inserting them in books, magazines, libraries, and bookstores that they find fit. We produced a new text for this project, whose layout was adjusted for viewing in the gallery. We were particularly interested in collecting answers to our questionnaire for young architects, which we see as an important generational project that will have a life beyond Project_insert. Apart from our ambition to instigate further discourse with Project_insert, and to disseminate some of our work and our students’ work, we imagined Project_insert literally setting up a type of reciprocity between dissemination (if not exactly resonance) and the gallery space. As the stacks of this take away mini-journal were depleted in the gallery, we imagined our ideas and work beginning their journey into the city.