Classes, Masses, Crowds Karlsruhe, Germany, 2004-2005
Representing the Collective Body and the Myth of Direct Knowledge for the Making Things Public exhibit at the ZKM On one side, a projection of ‘film news’ footage of the May Day parade on the streets of Belgrade - a single ideology available in a glance and powerful in its physical presence. On the other side, a field of television screens with broadcast footage of the 1996/1997 protest and of the October 5th 2000 protest. The series of television screens do not allow a simple and complete ‘intake’ of this material. As the protagonists of both ‘stories’ are ordinary people and the stage in both cases is the streets of Belgrade, the formal juxtaposition of these two types of masses strikingly outlines two limit cases of making the masses public.

The essay entitled Classes, Masses, Crowds. Representing The Collective Body and The Myth of Direct Knowledge was featured in the The Problem of Composition chapter of the Making Things Public catalogue published by MIT Press in 2005.

Video Production by Jeff Silva.