Studio 24b Portland, Maine 2006
Studio 24b was one of those design opportunities that came with no money and with a crazy self-motivated client. We were asked to design a woodshop and a painting studio in Maine, which together had to pose as a garage and occasionally function as a gallery. It was a mischievous project from the outset and also one that had to work on the ground,logistically, not only as a final product, but also as a carefully thought out construction process that eventually involved numerous volunteers.

We thought that if we engaged architecturally the identity of the users and of the identity of the garage that Studio 24b represented on its permit papers, we could produce something functional and unique in the context of Portland’s fringes. The architectural solution of Studio 24b features a continuously changing section that makes the woodshop inevitably different from the painting studio while keeping them coherently synthesized in a single object. We used revolving walls in place of doors, which ensures a garage reading from one angle, while it enables the painting studio and the gallery to spill outside. The non-standard use of standard residential construction techniques made the assembly relatively easy for its amateur construction crews and ensured it minor landmark status for Studio 24b in its neighborhood of Portland, Maine. The collective construction of the building brought the neighbors closer together and has instigated improvements along the entire block of adjacent properties.destination for our city. We also hope to encourage our neighbors to invest in their homes.